Stephan Wiegand

It's good to be a part of the solution:
Developing visions, starting movements, profiting from the dynamics.

Stephan Wiegand

Business-wise, our lives are digitally linked and extensively organized. Production, logistics, administrative and organization programs make our working lives efficient and comfortable.
What about the things we use every day? A product has a digital profile before and during its manufacturing. But what then?

As soon as a product reaches the private sector, that perfect organization dissolves and is no longer profitable.

We all know the advantages of intangible materials such as music (iTunes, media player), general data administration (Microsoft OFFICE) and communication (telephony, messages and social networks). Today, we cannot even fathom what life would be like without the aid of digital accessories such as platforms, portals, programs, etc.

We can only speculate what it would mean if we could have all the product warranties, service pledges, coupons, resale possibilities etc., immediately at our fingertips. A product with a fixed digital profile opens a completely new world for the user, the retailer and the manufacturer!

Current Project




vision was for everyone to own a personal computer.
Reality has overtaken this vision as we all now hold our PCs in our hands.


vision is that everyone has a digital home.
A system / program working for us in the background, making our lives easier by automatically linking us to the right people, the right companies and the right strategies whenever we need.

Which oversees the things we own, and helps us use them efficiently and to do the right thing at the right time with them.

Back to the roots
In the villages of old…

… the product maker or manufacturer was available to for service and advice around-the-clock. He knew us, he knew our preferences, and could therefore render the proper assistance.

In a digitally linked “village“, products can be used communally and efficiently – nothing is lost.

From warranty to recyclability, the digital potential of all products opens itself to us and is playfully and easily usable.

With that, the foundation-stone has been laid to make a circular flow economy possible for every product.

Personal Data

Professional development

Previous project

I:Collect AG, Board of Directors and CEO (2008-2015)

Create consumer based product circulations for the textile industry in a global partnership of companies and organizations (industry – retail– recycling – charities and foundations).

"if they sell it, they take it back!"

A central international organization platform working with consumers, manufacturers and retailers was created – based on a return system for commercial retailers from the transport, sorting, analysis to the recycling of used textiles, clothing and shoes.

Modern consumption, active textile recycling and responsible resource handling is no longer contradictory.

From the founding to I:CO’s establishment in 64 countries and over 15,000 collection points in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa, Stephan Wiegand introduced responsible distribution, marketing and new standards regarding the "circular economy" of textiles and shoes in just seven years.


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